Chill Out Lilly
The idea to this music originated in Achim´s experience with Shiatsu and meridian massage, with bodywork and acupuncture. For many years he has been experimenting with varioustypes of music to support healing, to further a process of inner growth and transformation. In his trainings of deep tissue bodywork and Chinesemassage he uses a wide selection of music for different areas of the body, to enhance the flow of Qì in a specific element or meridian, to strengthen the various types of life energy as the Chinese distinguish it, like Wèi Qì or Yíng Qì, as every kind of music has a different effect not only on the soul and the mind, but also on the various organs and energies. Among his favourites to use for bodywork and massage are, besides classical music, those pieces of ethnic and New Age music that are played on natural instruments. As the supply of modern life enhancing music that is composed without synthetic sounds is limited, 1997 the idea to create DAO KEYS came into being, followed by CHILL OUT LILY in 2003. DÀO VERLAG


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